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The Problem

Although it’s not a pleasant topic, the problem of urine stains and in particular it’s associated pet urine smell can be a very real problem for households with pets, young children and people that need care.

Urine, whether it be from humans or animals is made up of water, urea, urochrome, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, phosphates, amino acids, uric acid, organic and inorganic compounds, urobilin, hormones and enzymes.

Freshly made urine is sterile but when it leaves the body it is exposed to bacteria present in the surrounding area of where it is present. A bacterial invasion leads to a breakdown on the salts in the urine to give off a foul-smelling odour, like ammonia.

Removing urine from areas such as carpets, concrete and bedding will be a continual problem unless a specialist product is used. Traditional cleaning detergents may be able to remove some of the components of urine such as urea and urochrome but uric acid contains insoluble salt crystals. Traditional products are unable to effectively remove these crystals as they bond tightly with the surface they are present on, such as carpet, bedding, sofas and curtains. Any moisture in the air or on the surface will then cause the smell to return time and again.

There are a number of urine odour removal products on the market however the majority are traditional biocidal detergent based products which, as explained above will not remove the urica acid crystals. Removal of the uric acid crystals is not only necessary to prevent the foul smell returning but is also required to prevent pets returning to the same spot, a phenomenon known as ‘marking’. Cats and Dogs especially are able to smell urine odours that humans can’t.

The Solution

wee-away™ has been developed using selective strains of naturally occurring microbes, which we call ‘friendly bacteria’. These bacteria feed on the uric crystals and other organic matter to remove all traces of urine altogether. This not only prevents the foul smell returning but can also prevent pets re-marking their territory. Wee-away™ also contains friendly bacteria which feed on other organic matter and is therefore able to remove smells and stains associated with, not only urine but faeces, vomit, blood and other household spills.

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