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Carpet Care FAQ’s


What is so good about Enviro-Works products?

Our products utilise microbes which we call ‘friendly bacteria’ that feed on organic matter such as dust mite faeces, food crumbs, urine crystals from pets or children and therefore clean right through to the source unlike some traditional chemical based products. As a result they not only clean but deodourise and remove the allergen causing particles in your carpet.

The microbes are selected from naturally sustainable sources and therefore the products are kinder to the environment also.

How much should I use?

We recommend a capful of shampoo per 1 litre of warm water. In a typical extraction cleaner that will mean 5 capfuls to the 5 litre water. If manually cleaning put one capful per 1 litre of warm water into a bucket. Do not use hot water as this will kill off the ‘friendly bacteria’ and reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Are the products environmentally friendly?

Yes. They are not made from traditional chemical ingredients but use microbial technology. This means it is 100% environmentally friendly.

Is there a risk of damage to my carpets or upholstery?

Enviro-Works products do not contain any bleaching agents and are proven to be safe for use on most surfaces. We recommend you test in an inconspicuous area first just to be sure however as we cannot guarantee the specification of the material.

 What if I have pets around the home?

Enviro-Works carpet cleaning range is safe to be used around pets. In these homes we recommend our odour killer carpet & upholstery shampoo which is a special formula particularly suited for cleaning and odour control of areas where pets have been around.

What type of floors can wee-away be used on?

Enviro-Works carpet cleaning range can be used on all types of carpet. For hard floors we recommend our multi purpose hard floor cleaner.

What if I have stubborn stains in certain places?

We recommend using our spot stain remover which comes in a 500ml trigger spray on these areas first and then proceeding to clean the carpet.

What about the ‘traffic lane’ areas that people usually walk on?

These areas of the carpet will be dirtier than the rest of the carpet. We recommend using our traffic lane cleaner as a pre-treatment prior to cleaning the carpet. This product comes as a 500ml trigger spray and can simply be sprayed onto the affected area an hour or so before cleaning.

What if my pet has urinated on the carpet?

Always treat the urine stain prior to cleaning your carpet. If you clean your carpet first any steam or water will spread the urine across the whole carpet area, making the problem more difficult to treat. To do this we recommend using our odour remover or wee-away products.

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