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About Us

Enviro-Works is a brand name of Assured Products Limited, under the Enviro-Works brand we  produce a wide range of high quality probiotic green cleaning and odour control products underpinned by sound environmental principles.

Our aim is to produce the most innovative and high quality products, and supply them at the best possible value.

We are all very aware of the harmful impact that conventional cleaning chemicals can do to our environment. At enviro-works we seek to make a difference by offering a range of commercial and retail products which are manufactured to minimise that impact.

Most of us recognise the term ‘friendly bacteria’ or ‘pro-biotic bacteria’ from the many healthy food products we consume each day. At enviro-works we engage the same philosophy with our unique range of cleaning and odour control products.

We call these products ‘microbial’ because they are produced using microbes that have been selected from naturally sustainable sources. Not only does our range of environmentally safe products use the latest techniques in biotechnology to effectively manage and clean environments they do it to a better standard than traditional chemicals do!

Furthermore all enviro-works products are developed and manufactured in the UK thereby minimising harmful environmental impact in production and distribution. Our products comply with ISO 9002 and can assist companies and institutions wishing to attain ISO 14001 compliance.

Enviro-Works blending and distribution facility is based centrally in the UK and utilises the comprehensive technical experience of our biologists, enabling us to formulate, produce and distribute products for the fast growing and innovative environmentally conscientious product industry.

We take great pride in ensuring all products are supplied using the most environmentally friendly materials possible. We back this up by packaging our products where possible in recyclable materials and focusing on the production of more concentrates in the areas of high volume stock lines which would normally require bulk containers.

All of our products are labeled in line with the latest legislation. We can supply full health and safety data sheets along with any other information to give you total peace of mind.


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