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Solo Cube – Waterless Urinal System


Use one solo-cube and clean with our Advanced Microbial Multi Surface Cleaner to achieve a waterless urinal that delivers :-

Reduction in pipe work maintenancesolo-cube waterless urinal reduces blockages caused by the build up of lime scale.

Reduced water usage – solo-cube reduces the need for regular flushing.

Co2 Reduction – solo-cube could save 60kg of Co2 a year per urinal.

Safer environment: non chemical cleaning – the solo-cube system is fully biodegradable and safe to use.

Eliminates odours – solo-cube removes the need for unhealthy and toxic sanitizers, air fresheners and chemical deodorants in the washroom by preventing the build up of uric scale and ammonic salts in the urinal pipework.

Improved hygiene – solo-cube waterless urinal provides a drier, healthier environment.

No capital equipment outlay – solo-cube is an instant waterless urinal. Simply install 1 cube per urinal and the process can start working immediately.

Environmental accreditation and compliance – solo-cube use can help organizations achieve the environmental standard ISO 14001.

COSSH free – solo-cube and Advanced Microbial Multi Surface Cleaner are non-hazardous to cleaning personnel.

how to make it work for you

Working in a similar manner as the pro-biotic bacteria found in yoghurt drinks, each solo-cube contains a highly effective consortium of naturally occurring microbial spores that are able to degrade organic matter that malodorous producing bacteria normally thrive on inside the drains and urinal pipework.

The friendly ‘pro-biotic’ microbes found in each solo-cube and Advanced Microbial Multi Surface Cleaner out-compete the malodorous bacteria found inside the urinal pipe work. This results in healthier urinals and urinal pipe work, which become free of lime scale and uric scale (which also then smell much better too!). This whole process is done without the requirement of any chemicals.

daily cleaning procedures

Step 1: Spray the urinal with a 1:10 diluted solution of Advanced Microbial Multi Surface Cleaner.

Step 2: Clean the urinal and the surrounding area with a cloth or brush.

Step 3: Ensure one solo-cube is in the base of each urinal bowl at all times.


solo-cube is strictly formulated to ISO 9000 standards. Utilising the product can assist businesses to seek the environmental standard ISO14001. Each solo-cube contains a minimum selective bacterial spore count of approximately 10 billion.

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