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Multi Surface Cleaner – green cleaning that really works !

multi surface cleaner – Green Cleaning for just £0.50 pp litre when diluted !

Enviro-Works Microbial Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate is a probiotic green cleaning liquid containing billions of active ‘friendly bacteria’ which are been formulated for use on all hard and soft surfaces such as work tops, desks, sinks, flooring, Urinal’s,WC’s, stainless steel and plastics… as well as carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

This is true green cleaning for the workplace and home and what’s more it is coshh free for cleaning operatives!  This product does not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals unlike many cleaning products on the market.

We recommend that this green cleaning probiotic product is diluted as a minimum 1:10 for use as part of the solo-cube waterless urinal system and for general cleaning although it can be used in neat form for stain removal on soft surfaces like carpets and fabrics. The product can  also be used in carpet and floor cleaning machines.

The ‘friendly bacteria’ contained in Enviro-Works Microbial Multi Surface Green Cleaning Concentrate will help prevent lime scale, uric scale, oils, fats and grease building up in washroom and other drains and pipe work as the active bacteria will digest all organic waste matter


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