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Happy Bin Commercial

Happy Bin™ Cards – Vapour Technology

Release Cards for Sanitary and other Waste Bins……simply drop one card into the bin!!   

Fully effective treatment for bins containing hazardous sanitary waste.

Why treat your waste ?

General waste and  sanatary  bins are a breeding ground for micro-organisms that can be pathogenic and create malodours that lead to a perception of poor levels of service by both staff and customers.

Protect staff and customers, use Happy Bin™ Cards  !

  • Uses vapour action to disinfect and deodorize the waste unit. The anti-microbial vapours permeate the whole unit, and are effective even when the unit is full.
  • Protects operators from pathogenic bacteria.
  • Prevents odours at source.
  • Kills up to 99.9% Bacteria that enter and grow in a sanitary waste unit.
  • Highly absorbent card with excellent retention and slow vapour  release of active ingredients, making one card effective for in a 25 litre unit for 4-6 weeks
  • Fresh and long lasting fragrance proven to counteract odours.
  • Natural plant extract presence in the cards has anti-fungal agent, insecticide and animal repellent properties.
  • Easy and clean to use, simply place a card directly into an empty lined or unlined unit.
  • Economical to use with only one card being required per unit.
  • Clean to use with no wet or powder waste to dispose of.
  • Fully biodegradable card made using 100% biodegradable composites.

The active ingredients are a natural blend of biocides and fragrances derived from extracts of plants belonging to the Lauraceae and Myrtaceae families, are safe to use and easily disposed of, with no corrosive or hazardous labels, reducing risk to operators and customers.

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