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FOG Eradicator

FatOilGrease Eradicator

OG Eradicator is a ready-to-use liquid bacterial solution offering a high bacterial specification, multi-strain, spore based product for use in grease traps and drain maintenance applications to solve problems with fats, oils and greases.

It is a specifically targeted product for Grease Traps, Drain Line maintenance and Waste water treatment.


Key Benefits


  • An ‘environmentally responsible’ yet highly effective ready to use product that is based on biological as opposed to chemical action
  • Non-caustic and non-corrosive
  • Very high bacteria specification for maximum effectiveness in this tough environment
  • Specifically selected highly effective bacteria multi-strain formula to deal with lipase to cleave fats
  • Specifically selected highly effective bacteria multi-strain formula to degrade food solids and sludge
  • Ability to survive in the low pH environment of an active grease trap
  • Product contains Bacillus bacteria in 100% spore form for extended product life
  • Product stability
  • Reduces the requirement and frequency of mechanical treatment to unblock drains due to grease build-up


Enviro-Works FOG Eradicator is available in 5 Litre, 10 Litre or 20 Litre drums and various ‘concentrations’ from a ready to use 1x formula through to a 10x, 20x or even 100x concentrate.


Please contact us for more information and pricing.

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