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A Simple Biological Solution to smell and scale build up in Urinals

Solo Cube – A simple biological solution to the problems of smell and scale build up in urinals. A unique combination of bacteria and green chemistry, offering the opportunity for significant water cost savings.

Solo Cube combines the power of specially selected microbes with the very latest scale control chemistry to control scale and odours in urinals.

One Solo cube is placed in each urinal and will last up to 3 weeks, during this period the block slowly dissolves, delivering large numbers of organic waste degrading bacteria and the latest green chemistry based scale prevention technology.

This combination massively reduces inorganic and organic scale in urinals, traps and associated pipe work, and prevents the formation of odours at source.

Technical features

Scale in urinals consists of organic and inorganic elements. The organic side comes from urine itself, which contain uric acid, a compound that is only moderately soluble in warm water but is insoluble in cold water: thus as urine contacts cold flush water, uric acid comes out of solution and tends to deposit on surfaces.

Inorganic scale is a much more complex science, consisting of simple compounds from the flush water such as calcium carbonate (The scale found in kettles in hard water areas) plus more complex inorganic combinations, such as struvite and magnesium ammonium phosphate where the magnesium and phosphate are present in the water and the ammonia comes from break down of the compounds in urine.

The bacteria Solo Cube are specially selected strains that degrade the organic compounds present in urine such as uric acid, very rapidly, using them as substrates for growth, and therefore preventing uric acid from contributing to scale build up.

Rather than attempting to bind every inorganic scale forming element, Solo Cube contains a highly biodegradable scale prevention technology. The scale prevention material is represented as the blue lines in the right hand diagram, and it lies within the scale structure (brown balls) preventing the formation of rigid scale lattice, as would occur in an untreated situation (left hand diagram). Although some deposits may still l form, they are soft in nature and are more easily removed by cleaning or by hydraulic flush.

In summary, the product is a combination of a number of technologies:

  • Solo Cube contains a fragrance for immediate odour masking effects and to create a pleasant washroom environment during use
  • Specially selected bacteria strains for organic waste degradation and thus prevents odour formation at source
  • Scale prevention technology prevents the formation of simple and complex inorganic scales (see results for the prevention of struvite formation: 94% reduction in scale weight with treatment).

 Product size and dosing information

Each Bio-Urinal Cube weighs 30g and is approximately 30mm in each dimension. As standard, product is packaged in plastic pails containing 100 blocks per pail.

A cube should be placed in each urinal, or in the case of troughs, approximately every 50cm, and will last up to three weeks depending on usage; a new cube should be added when the cube has been reduced to 10 % of the original size.

Note that this product is not intended to compete directly with traditional chemical (PDCB) toss blocks, where a pile of blocks is placed in each urinal and is then replaced frequently. The Genzyme Bio-Urinal Cubes are scientifically formulated so that one cube treats one urinal for up to 3 weeks.


The major benefit of the Solo Cube is that the bacteria and scale control technology combination reduces the buildup of scale or urine stone in the bowl, trap and pipe work. Scale is normally the source of odours in urinals, if untreated the slow break down of the scale results in the release of very odorous materials such as amines and ammonia. The results in terms of odour control, scale reduction and overall hygiene are better the less the water flows, and therefore, significant reductions in urinal flushing frequency are achievable.

  • Easy and simple to use: no plumbing or retrofitting required unlike some biological urinal systems
  • Eliminates odours
  • Compatible with all urinal manufactured materials: stainless, porcelain, natural stone and ceramics
  • Reduces scale build up and therefore fewer slow flow situations
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals such as PDCB

Solo Cube – Technical specification


Odour and scale control in urinals, allowing reduced flush frequency and water saving.

Bacteria specification, type and safety

bacterial count 1×108/gm

the microorganisms in the formulation are all naturally occurring,  Class1 Bacillus strains. They have not been genetically engineered type and safety in any way. Only strains that are recognised as being nonpathogenic to humans, animals or plants are included in this product.

Appearance – green cubes

shelf life – 24 months in unopened container.

Typical properties

fragrance – pleasant citrus

pH – 7.0 – 8.8

form – solid

Performance properties

Effective pH range – 5.0 – 10.0 temperature range 5 – 50°C


Store product in cool, dry conditions i.e. between 10°C and

30°C. Do not expose to direct sunlight.


100 cubes in plastic pails as standard

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